R Chung

Professional Artist

A professional artist is an artist who has received compensation from artistic activity that may reasonably be considered to be income and who meets at least four of the following criteria:

(a) the artist has received public or peer recognition

(b) the artist's artistic activity has been presented to the public by means of exhibitions, publications, performances, readings, screenings or other means;

(c) the artist promotes or markets the artist's artistic work

(d) the artist has received training or acquired knowledge related to the artist's artistic activity

(e) the artist holds copyright in his or her artistic work and has received royalty or residual payments based on that copyright;

(f) the artist has a business licence issued by the municipality in which the artist is carrying on business related to the artist's artistic activity;

(g) the artist has membership in an artists association.

The extended definition is listed in the Status of the Artist Legislation as recognized by the Province of Nova Scotia. We encourage all artists to review the legislation.