Arts Nova Scotia is the provincial funding agency that provides support to professional artists and arts organizations, arts education programs and a number of arts awards and prizes.

Governed by an 11 member board of directors, Arts Nova Scotia is an arm’s length agency of the Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage created by legislation in 2011. 

The Board of Director’s reports directly to the Minister of Communities, Culture and Heritage and is responsible for programming and managing the agency’s annual budget.

Individual board members serve staggered terms. 

Applications to serve on the Arts Nova Scotia board of directors can be made through the Province's Agencies, Boards and Commissions website:

Mission and Vision


Arts Nova Scotia champions the fundamental role of the arts.


Arts Nova Scotia envisions a thriving and diverse professional arts community celebrated at home and abroad for breaking new ground, ensuring equity and achieving a high level of artistic excellence. 


Discovery: Arts Nova Scotia is committed to fostering a culture of discovery and innovation within the arts.

Artistic Practice: ANS supports freedom of expression and excellence in artistic practice and creative endeavour.

Equity: Arts Nova Scotia ensures equity is a core value for Nova Scotia by embracing social, cultural and regional diversity.

Diversity: Arts Nova Scotia encourages diversity of practice within and across art forms, at all stages of professional development.

Participation: Arts Nova Scotia encourages access to and engagement with the arts for all Nova Scotians.

Advocacy: Arts Nova Scotia advocates for greater support and resources for and with the arts community.

Partnership and Collaboration: Arts Nova Scotia engages in consultation and information sharing. We actively collaborate and partner with the arts community, our peers and the public.

Accountability and Transparency: Arts Nova Scotia is open, fair and transparent. We make decisions grounded in best practices, peer assessment, and research, and manage our resources wisely and ethically.  

Excellence: Arts Nova Scotia provides the highest quality service in support of artistic excellence.