Creative NS Awards Gala 2017

WHEN: Saturday, November 18th, 2017, 8-11PM

WHERE: Discovery Centre, 1215 Lower Water Street, Halifax, NS.

ADMISSION: Free! Reserve your tickets on Eventbrite


INTERPL/\Y is both the hinge and the space where collaboration happens. Nova Scotian artists thrive on collaboration, offering unexpected and cutting edgeperspectives, activating dialogues that change preconceived definitions of our culture. We work in the spaces between, as listeners, interpreters, activists, inventors, and creators, in a community where curiosity and lived experience are constantly at play. We interact with our shifting natural environments, creating something new. We are often humbled by the act of experimentation, trial and error, hypotheses on unknown outcomes are challenged and executed over and over again. We re-invent the wheel on the daily but each time it responds to a new set of criteria. Our creative edge is sharpened by the constant shifting of our natural environment, and cultural and political landscapes. Our methodologies and our work ethic isshaped by this as we invent new ways to play within each circumstance. Artists who live here are particularly recognized for this; our work feeds off the dedication and collaborative nature of our communities while echoing the ferocity and pointed determination to create something new. At the Arts Nova Scotia, Creative Nova Scotia Gala and Awards night, INTERPL/\Y will transform the new Discovery Centre into a space where guests will be given the chance to play, interact with, workshop, participate in, affect, and explore this microcosm of Nova Scotian talent!

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