Response Time is an evening that draws inspiration from the artists and communities being honoured at the 2016 Gala and presents new art installations and performances provoked by their work.

The identity of the “responders”, who they are responding to and in what way will be kept secret from the audience and, indeed, from the award-winners themselves until they are revealed on the evening of the gala.

2016 Artistic Team

Ken Schwartz — Artistic Director

Curatorial Team 2016

Alan Syliboy, co-curator

Ian Funke-McKay, co-curator

Shelley Fashan, co-curator

David Clark, co-curator

Sue Goyette, co-curator

Sara Hartland-Rowe

Responders 2016

In accordance with the 2016 gala theme “Response Time,” nine artists created nine unique artworks for the gala that “responded” to work of the nine unique award winners.

Dustin Harvey (Masterworks Award Winner Responder)

Paula Rockwell (Responder to Jacinte Armstrong)

Christopher Porter (Responder to Lunenburg)

Gillian Clark (Responder to Francois Gaudet)

Shauntay Grant (Responder to Bonnie Baker)

Jack Wong (Responder to Mark Hopkins)

Sara Coffin (Responder to Christian Murray)

MAJE (Responder to Portia White Prize Winner)

Shalan Joudry (Responder to Fabien Melanson)

2016 Award Recipients

Portia White Prize 2016

Jerry Granelli

Protégé: 1313 Hollis Music Association

Prix Grand Pré 2016

Fabien Melanson

Masterworks 2016

Canvas 5 x 5

Communities Arts and Culture Recognition Award 2016


Established Artist Recognition Award 2016

Bonnie Baker

François Gaudet

Christian Murray

Jacinte Armstrong

Mark Hopkins