The 2023-2024 provincial budget included a $1.4 million increase to Arts Nova Scotia’s budget for operating grants. With this increase, Arts Nova Scotia committed to reviewing the Operating Assistance to Arts Organizations fund to ensure it remains responsive to community needs and supports the long-term sustainability of sector. Previously, the structure of the operating assistance program did not allow for meaningful changes in funding levels for established organizations or the welcoming of new and emerging organizations.  

The review of this program takes into account the learnings from the Building Back Better Report as well as the Arts Nova Scotia’s 2023-2025 Strategic Priorities established by the Arts Nova Scotia board that were outlined in the 2022-23 annual report.   

Community Survey: Have Your Voice Heard 

Arts Nova Scotia invites all members of the professional arts community in Nova Scotia to participate in the Re-envisioning Operating Assistance for Arts Organizations. You may fill the form out as an individual or on behalf of an organization. We encourage you to share this invitation with others in our community. 

While we are interested in all feedback, the survey focuses on four key priorities:  

Equity: We are aiming to identify potential disparities and develop strategies to ensure that resources are distributed more equitably, benefiting organizations of all sizes and backgrounds. 

Support for Artists: We want to design a program that prioritizes the needs and well-being of individual artists, fostering a vibrant and sustainable arts ecosystem. 

Climate Change: How are arts organizations are responding to climate change while maintaining their vitality? How can operating assistance be responsive too? 

Process Optimization: Efficient processes are essential for both funding organizations and arts institutions. Your feedback will help us streamline administrative procedures, making it easier for organizations to access assistance and for us to allocate resources effectively. 

Your responses will remain confidential, and the aggregated data will be used solely for the purpose of informing our programs and processes. 

Your participation will inform how we provide operating assistance to arts organizations. The survey includes voluntary demographic data so we can get a sense of who are community members are and who may be missing from the conversation. 

Please note: The Culture and Heritage Development Division will be disseminating a survey in the upcoming weeks to collect feedback on their Operating Programs to Cultural Organizations.

How to participate

Survey Link: 

Survey closes:  October 27, 2023 


Briony Carros,  

Director, Arts Nova Scotia