Arts Nova Scotia and the Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council are proud to announce Productions pour le peuple as the winner of the 2021 Prix Grand-Pré.

Productions pour le peuple

Productions pour le peuple is an independent music production company based out of the Baie Sainte-Marie region Nova Scotia (also known as the French Shore). Headed by co-presidents Jacques Blinn, Guyaume Boulianne and Éric Dow, they have organized countless cultural projects in the province and abroad for audiences of all types and backgrounds. Their music has allowed them to travel across Canada, France and the United States. They are often solicited as house musicians for various events and promote Nova Scotia's Acadian culture wherever they go. They also offer artistic workshops in schools focused on promoting cultural and linguistic security, mostly within the Atlantic province's French Acadian communities. 

At Pour le Peuple, our mission is to channel the energy of an entire network of creators to help them bring their artistic vision into the world. Pour le Peuple inc. is a musical and artistic services company managed by and for artists. Composed of a versatile team that has been working in the industry for nearly 10 years, Pour le peuple offers a wide range of à la carte services for its clients, covering all stages of the artistic creation process. Want to apply for a grant for your new music project? Record an album and release it to the world? Organize a show that needs artistic direction? Shoot a music video? Pour le Peuple has solutions. In short, Pour le Peuple focuses its efforts on the production and marketing of distinct cultural projects, while advocating for the promotion of current and diversified musical styles. 

About the Award

The Prix Grand-Pré is an annual award that was established in 1987. It recognizes Nova Scotia's creative and interpretive artists working in any medium whose work reflects Acadian cultural values, while demonstrating excellence and originality.

About the Creative Nova Scotia Awards

Presented by Arts Nova Scotia and the Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council, these annual awards celebrate excellence in artistic achievement from artists across the province. The most notable award, the Portia White Prize, recognizes cultural and artistic excellence by an artist who has attained professional status, mastery and recognition in their discipline. The recipient of the award receives $18,000 and the remaining $7,000 is awarded their chosen protégé.

Other awards include the Prix Grand Pré, the Established Artist Awards, the Emerging Artist Awards, the Indigenous Artist Recognition Award and the Creative Community Impact Award.  And new to the awards this year is the Black Artist Recognition Award.

Collectively, the awards are worth $75,000.