Posted September 18th, 2020

Arts NS has added a new COVID-Response grant category for the October 15th Grants to Organizations & Small Groups deadline in order to support professional arts groups and organizations to continue to work and participate in the arts community in the context of COVID-19.

This grant encourages exploration, experimentation, adaptation, and the development of new ways of working that will help to increase the resilience of Nova Scotia’s arts sector. Projects must be in response to the challenges resulting from the pandemic. This can include activities that assist artists and arts organizations in the short, medium and long term. COVID-response projects should show a financial contribution from the applicant or other sources, if possible.

COVID-Response Grants should address one or more of the following priorities:

  • Projects that will assist organizations pursue their mandate and objectives in the context of COVID-19.
  • Projects that address significant barriers for the applicant and/or their community.
  • Projects that benefit other artists and/or arts organizations in addition to the applicant.
  • Projects that establish new partnerships and ways of working to benefit artists and/or their community. 

Complete guidelines and application form are available here. 

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