Posted October 5th, 2023

Arts Nova Scotia and the Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council congratulate the African Nova Scotian Music Association as the winner of the $10,000 Creative Community Impact Award for 2023.

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ANSMA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the development, promotion and enhancement of African Nova Scotian music, locally, regionally and internationally. While ANSMA has worked predominantly with performers and musicians, the scope of our mandate includes providing support for Black music creatives and industry professionals (BMCIPs) across the industry value chain such as: producers, recording studios, managers, agents, licensors, music video producers and directors, etc. The mandate and core principles of ANSMA are as follows: 

  • promote the development and participation of BMCIPs in all aspects of the music industry
  • to develop and advocate for policies and services that serve to support a strong and economically viable Black music sector
  • to raise the profile of African Nova Scotian/ music both in Canada and around the world
  • to identify the needs of BMCIPs and facilitate the development of resources to meet those needs
  • foster collaborations with Music Industry Associations (MIA's) and other relevant entities to advance the promotion of African Nova Scotian music
  • to be inclusive of all styles of Black music as well as being inclusive of Black artists whose primary genre may not be labeled as Black music
  • to be inclusive of gender, sexual orientation, abilities, geographical locations, etc.
  • to adopt effective leadership, governance and operational best practices that will ensure the long-term sustainability of ANSMA

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About the Award

Arts Nova Scotia and the Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council recognize that artistic and cultural expression are fundamental to the collective well-being of Nova Scotians. Programs that encourage artistic and cultural development help to build creative communities that foster innovation, generate social change, and nurture cultural diversity. The Creative Community Impact Award recognizes an organization or program that has made a positive impact on a community through arts and culture. Funded from the Nova Scotia Arts Endowment Fund, the award carries a cash value of $10,000.

The prize will be presented at the Creative Nova Scotia Awards on November 3, 2023. 

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