Find out how to name and number your files for your grant application.

Naming and Numbering for Arts NS Grants

Why is file naming important?

It may sound boring but, believe it or not, it makes a difference.

Naming and numbering your files in a clear way makes your application easier to read.

Here are some file naming tips to help with your next application...


Tip #1: Use a pattern

Your file names should all follow a consistent pattern. Try this:

  1. File number
  2. File Name
  3. Your name

For example:



Tip #2: Use safe characters

When naming files, stick to using numbers, letter, spaces, and dashes.

Avoid using periods or other characters. These can cause problems with your files, making them unreadable.


Tip #3: Number your files

Your application should tell a story about you, your practice, and your project. But a story makes no sense if the lines are all out of order.  

Numbering your files helps people understand your project better.

Think about the order you want people to read them in and number them so they show up in that order.


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