Wondering if you are a professional artist? Take this quick quiz!

Did you know Nova Scotia has a piece of legislation that defines what a professional artist is?

Rather than make you read that, we made this quiz!

If you are super keen, you can read the whole Status of the Artist Act here.

Part One

To get started, have you ever been paid for your artistic activity?

Hint: this could be an artist fee, commission, grant, award, etc.

No. Unfortunately, getting paid for your work is the first criteria for being a professional artist. It’s possible that you are a pre-emerging artist. Talk to your peers about opportunities to be paid for your work.

Yes. Great! See move on to Part Two.

Part Two

Give yourself one point for each of the statements below that apply to you.

  • I’ve received recognition from other artists or by the public for my work. For example, you have received a peer assessed grant or have been reviewed publicly.
  • My work has been presented publicly.
  • I regularly engage with my artistic community or have a representative who helps me do so.
  • I’ve put in time to learn my craft. For example, you have received a degree through an education institution, have worked as an apprentice or have learned through your culture’s traditions.
  • I hold the copyright to my work.
  • I have a business license related to my artistic practice.
  • I’m a member of an artistic association. For example, you may hold membership with Theatre Nova Scotia or Visual Arts Nova Scotia.

If you scored four points or higher: congratulations! You are a professional artist. You can see a list of our program for professional artists here.

If you scored less than four points: It’s possible that you are a pre-emerging artist. There may be other programs available to you like Nova Scotia Talent Trust


Still not sure? Contact a program officer through our contact page.