Indigenous Artist Recognition Award Winner 2017

Todd Labrador 

“ Amaikat Sam’qwanijtuk “

“One who dances on water”

Nova Scotian Mi’kmaw artisan Todd Labrador is a self-taught artisan. Best known for building amazing traditional birch bark canoes. Born in 1960 he was raised on the Wildcat reservation in Queen’s County NS. Surrounded by nature he was emerged in the stories of his great grandfather Joe Jermey who was a traditional canoe builder born in 1874 and raised Todd’s father.

Taking the road less travelled he has worked diligently to revive Mi’kmaw birch bark canoe building. He’s also a painter, drum maker, basket maker, cultural teacher and presenter. In 2010 he was chosen to attend the Vancouver Olympics’ art show with 8 other east coast artists. They also designed a sculpture which is standing at the base of the luge run on Whistler Mountain BC.

In 2015 Todd publicly demonstrated the building of an 18’-10” Mi’kmaw Ocean going birch bark canoe which is now on display at the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau Quebec.