2015 Community Arts and Culture Recognition Award

Presented by the Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council and funded through the Nova Scotia Arts Endowment Fund, the Community Arts and Culture Recognition Award annually recognizes a community that demonstrates the value it places on the presence of arts and culture in community life. 

Carrying a cash value of $10,000, the award provides a community with a cash infusion to enhance future arts and culture activities, thereby strengthening connections within the community through shared experiences.

For prize guidelines and application instructions, please see the listing for the Community Arts and Culture Recognition Award in this website's Grants & Awards section.


2015 Recipient: 





The town of Antigonish is the 2015 recipient of the Community Arts and Culture Recognition Award for its commitment to the development of a truly creative community. Examples of this commitment include:

  • The People’s Place town and county library, which was constructed in 2011, and features a performance venue and more than 25 permanent art installations.

  • Special events such as the Antigonight Art after Dark Festival, the Antigonish International Film Festival, Festival Antigonish and the Highland Games.

  • The town is home to the Antigonish Culture Alive regional arts council and the All of Us Society for Art Presentation.

  • The thriving arts community includes individuals such as dancer Liliona Quarmyne, writer Anne Simpson, ceramic artist Fenn Martin, painters Anna Syperek and Bruce Campbell, actors/directors Ed Thomason and Shelley Thompson, and musicians Paul Tynan, the Trews and T. Thomason.


2015 Creative Nova Scotia Awards Gala