Communities Arts and Culture Recognition Award 2016



                                                                                                                     Photo: Bacalao Photo

The town of Lunenburg has a long and rich arts and culture history. There are over 23 galleries and artist studios including the Lunenburg Art Gallery, the Peer Gallery, the Quartet Gallery, the Laurie Swim Quilt Art Gallery, the Double Whale Handwoven Designs, the Nova Terra Cotta Pottery, and the list goes on. Lunenburg is also home to a long list of writers, including Jo Treggiari, Kate Lum-Potvin, Jill Martin-Bouteillier, Marq de Villiers, William Kowalski, Alison Smith, Budge Wilson, and Alice Burdock.

Lunenburg is also home to the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival, the Lunenburg Folk Art Festival, the Boxwood Festival, Musique Royale and the Lunenburg Doc Festival. With the expanding interest in Lunenburg as an artistic haven, we have seen two organizations open their doors to the international community; these include the Lunenburg School of Art and the Lunenburg Academy of Music Performance (LAMP), which calls the iconic Lunenburg Academy building home.

The natural beauty of the area combined with the unique architectural character of the UNESCO World Heritage Site has made the town an attractive venue for filming movies and television shows such as Haven, Jumping the Broom, Two if by Sea, Delores Claiborne, and The Book of Negros.

We have listed just some of the activities, events and players of this community but it shows how much Lunenburg offers to both the province and the world.