Discovery: Arts Nova Scotia is committed to fostering a culture of discovery and innovation within the arts.

Artistic Practice: ANS supports freedom of expression and excellence in artistic practice and creative endeavour.

Equity: Arts Nova Scotia ensures equity is a core value for Nova Scotia by embracing social, cultural and regional diversity.

Diversity: Arts Nova Scotia encourages diversity of practice within and across art forms, at all stages of professional development.
Participation: Arts Nova Scotia encourages access to and engagement with the arts for all Nova Scotians.

Advocacy: Arts Nova Scotia advocates for greater support and resources for and with the arts community.

Partnership and Collaboration: Arts Nova Scotia engages in consultation and information sharing. We actively collaborate and partner with the arts community, our peers and the public.

Accountability and Transparency: Arts Nova Scotia is open, fair and transparent. We make decisions grounded in best practices, peer assessment, and research, and manage our resources wisely and ethically.  

Excellence: Arts Nova Scotia provides the highest quality service in support of artistic excellence.