2015 Established Artist Recognition Awards

Presented by the Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council and funded through the Nova Scotia Arts Endowment Fund, the Established Artist Recognition Awards are bestowed upon five artists who have emerged from their initial training and development to become recognized artists.

Carrying a cash value of $5,000 each, the awards encourage artistic and economic well-being for the recipients and contribute to the health of Nova Scotia’s artistic sector in support of a well-rounded community.

For prize guidelines and application instructions, please see the listing for the Established Artist Recognition Awards in this website's Grants & Awards section.


2015 Recipient: Barbara Pritchard

A distinguished pianist, Barbara Pritchard specializes in contemporary classical music, however she also revels in, and excels at, all types of music making, including accompanying, chamber music, and musical theatre, and is a much sought after accompanist. An active promoter of new Canadian contemporary music, Barbara has given numerous world premiere performances and continually champions works written specifically for her by Atlantic Canadian composers.


2015 Recipient: Maria Osende

A highly accomplished dancer and choreographer, Maria Osende’s artistic roots are in ballet, but she is now known nationally and internationally as a major figure in the world of flamenco. Possessing a high standard of technical skill, a deep knowledge of the form’s history, and her own personal artistic voice, Maria’s performances are dramatic, engaging, and impeccably produced. Her vision is one of flamenco as an artistic form that is powerful and relevant in today’s world, and that can communicate with audiences everywhere.


2015 Recipient: Shelley Thompson

An award-winning actor, Shelley Thompson has performed at the Royal National Theatre in London’s West End, Toronto, Regina, Winnipeg and Nova Scotia. Her film and television experience is vast and she is currently shooting her tenth season of Trailer Park Boys. Shelley’s commitment to her craft extends beyond acting; she was a creator/Artistic Producer of Willpower Theatre for 10 years, and her stage play, Leaving Wonderland, will be produced in Halifax this fall by Lunasea Theatre. A committed political activist and staunch supporter of the arts, Shelley is actively involved with ACTRA and WIFT (Women in Film and Television).


2015 Recipient: Susan Tooke

Painting is the foundation of Susan Tooke’s expression and her evolution into digital montages in video media and performance art that employ stop motion animation. Susan is a celebrated illustrator whose artwork for children’s literature has resulted in multiple awards, including four Lillian Shepherd Memorial Awards. During her career, Susan has served as President of Visual Arts Nova Scotia, on the board of governors of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, as a member of the Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council, and this year, she was elected as the National President and Spokesperson for CARFAC (Canadian Artists Representation/Le Front des artistes canadiens). 


2015 Recipient: Suzanne Gauthier

With a career that spans over four decades, Suzanne Gauthier has delved into such themes as mythology, cosmic energies, animal life and nature, all the while questioning multiple aspects of ongoing cyclical change and transformation, both internally and externally. Suzanne’s search has led her to experiment and master several artistic techniques and materials, from ceramic sculpture, graphic arts (notably printmaking), photography, installation work, and painting (acrylic, encaustic and gouache). Having produced rich and multifaceted work that is either permanent or at times ephemeral, Suzanne’s art making in tireless.